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Top 10 Best 8 inch carbon filter Review In 2022

1. VIVOSUN 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter Smelliness Control with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Inline Fan, Grow Tent Smelliness Scrubber, Pre-Filter Included, Reversible Flange 8″ x 22″, Black

Features :

  • Excellent Odor Control: Made of premium RC 412 Australian Virgin charcoal at 1200+ IAV, helps to eliminate pungent smells and chemicals; The 38mm thick charcoal bed with high microporosity ensures its high absorption
  • Unique Design: The dual-sided galvanized steel mesh adopt hexagonal design, which greatly increases the open area and ensures the maximum airflow 770 CFM; The lengthened carbon canister enables a higher filtration rate
  • Versatile Applications: The detachable pre-filter cloth blocks 99% particles to keep the filter clean; Effective to eliminate odors and gaseous compounds for indoor grow tent, hydroponics room, kitchen or basement
  • Reversible Flange and Base: The heavy-duty iron flange and base can be exchanged to reverse the charcoal canister for an exhaustive smell filtration and help to prolong the filter’s service life
  • Compatible Function: It can work with a 8-inch inline duct fan to configure both intake and exhaust ventilation system; Comes with a pair of rope hangers which makes the assembly in grow tent more convenient

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 22
Width 11
Length 8
Weight 17

2. AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 8″ with Premium Australian Virgin Charcoal, for Inline Duct Fan, Odor Control, Hydroponics, Grow Rooms

Features :

  • Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tents and hydroponics room.
  • Features premium-grade Australian charcoal with higher absorption and longer life rating.
  • Contains heavy-duty aluminum flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and clothed pre-filter.
  • Enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.
  • Duct Opening: 8” | Length: 20″ | Airflow Rating: 770 CFM | Carbon: Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV | Thickness: 38mm

Additional Info :

Color Chrome

3. VIVOSUN 8 Inch Prefilter for 8″ Carbon Filter

Features :

  • Adaptability: Fits the VIVOSUN 8 Inch carbon filter
  • Size: 16.9” x 19.7”
  • Function: Cotton mesh to protect carbon filter from hair, dust, and other debris
  • Regular Replacement: Replace pre-filter every 6 months to keep your carbon filter in perfect working condition
  • Independent Packaging: Comes in a sealed package

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 19.7
Length 16.9
Weight 0.21

4. Atomic Innovations Air Duct Screen and Carbon Filter 8 inch

Features :

  • Dual layer high air flow design for 8 inch air ducts
  • Fiber Screen layer to prevent small objects from passing through
  • Carbon filter layer with an estimated MERV 4 rating for particle filtration and some odor reduction
  • Has a rigid weather resistant ASA polymer frame
  • Made in USA

Additional Info :

Color Black

5. Dime Bags All-in-One Padded Pouch with Accessory Tray and Carbon Filter Pocket (8 Inch, Purple)

Features :

  • Soft, durable, fade-resistant exterior made from 70% hemp and 30% recycled polyester
  • Soft, padded, 100% cotton, velour interior designed to keep your breakables safe, undamaged, and protected
  • Heavy-duty zipper designed to avoid binding, biting, and separation
  • Carbon-lined Omerta pocket keeps unwanted odors securely sealed inside
  • Customizable Velcro label, completely removable for privacy or swappable to switch up your style

Additional Info :

Color Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 5.5
Width 2
Length 8

6. TerraBloom Carbon Filter 8″ x 24″, 46mm Thick Charcoal Bed, Airflow up to 750 CFM. Premium Carbon Air Filtration From Odors, VOCs, Chemical Smells for Grow Tents, Homes, Commercial Applications

Features :

  • TerraBloom premium carbon filters have industry leading 1.8” (46mm) deep carbon bed that is at least 20% thicker than competition. Our filters scrub air better and have longer lifespan.
  • We use only highest grade, granular Australian activated charcoal, which gives you better adsorption and superior carbon porosity to capture odors, VOCs and other airborne pollutants in growing, laser engraving, food processing and manufacturing applications.
  • This charcoal scrubber can be installed both inside and outside the grow tent and is capable of filtering air in both directions. Whether you want to use it as an exhaust or intake. You can pull air though the filter and out or push air into the filter and out of your grow room, it will work just as well.
  • 8 x 24 inch model has a gross weight of 23 lbs and contains 15 lbs of carbon inside. It can handle airflow rates up to 750 CFM. For seamless operation pair this filter with TerraBloom 8” EC Fan, model ECMF-200.
  • Recommended for medium to large grow tents with footprint of 5×5 ft, 6×6 ft, 8×8 ft, 10×10 ft or commercial cultivation facilities of similar size.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Weight 15

7. VIVOSUN Ventilation Kit 8 Inch 720 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller, 8 Inch Carbon Filter and 25 Feet of Ducting for Grow Tent

Features :

  • Perfect Combination: Three-part system includes every part you need to get set up; It is primarily used in various air circulation and ventilation projects to move and transport air
  • Excellent Odor Control: The porous activated carbon with 1050+ RC 48 Australia Virgin Charcoal helps eliminate some of the most undesirable, pungent smells and particulates for indoor grow tents
  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality aluminum, the ducting is resistant to high-temperature and corrosion-resistant and can serve for a long time; Comes with 2 heavy-duty stainless steel clamps
  • Easy Installation: The inline duct fan is compact and lightweight enough to be installed in little available areas; Comes with an installation bracket indicating the direction of the airflow
  • Versatile Applicable: Suitable for both commercial and residential air ventilation solutions; Widely used in grow rooms, planting room, grow tents, HVAC applications, bathroom venting, etc.

Additional Info :

Color Silver

8. VIVOSUN Ventilation Kit 8 Inch 720 CFM Inline Duct Fan with 8″ x 22″ Carbon Filter Odor Control System with Australia Virgin Charcoal for Grow Tent Ventilation

Features :

  • Perfect Combination: This ventilation kit includes a 8-inch 720 CFM inline duct fan and a 8″x 22″ carbon filter; This combo is primarily used in air circulatio and ventilation projects
  • Powerful Air Flow Fan: The powerful inline fan with a speed of 2450 RPM can effectively circulate air for optimal room ventilation; Meanwhile, less than 38 dB noise level will not disturb your work
  • Excellent Odor Control: The porous activated carbon with 1050+ RC 48 Australia Virgin Charcoal helps eliminate some of the most undesirable, pungent smells and particulates for indoor grow tents
  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality material, which makes the ventilation kit serve for a long time; The inline fan features a strong and powerful motor, and the ducting is also flexible
  • Widely Applicable: Suitable for both commercial and residential air ventilation solutions; Widely used in grow rooms, planting room, grow tents, HVAC applications, bathroom venting, etc.

Additional Info :

Color Black and Silver
Item Dimensions
Height 12.598425184
Width 12.598425184
Length 37.795275552
Weight 29

9. iPower 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control with Australia Virgin Premium Charcoal and Reversible Flange for Inline Duct Fan/Grow Tent/Hydroponics, 8″, Prefilter Included, Black

Features :

  • Effective odor control: Protects from chemical irritants and eliminates odors from bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Absorbs odors from pets and smoking, pungent smell and particulates from indoor grow tent
  • Smelliness scrubber specs: Air flow: 690CFM; size: 8 inch; flange ducting: 20 inch length. 1200+ IAV Australian RC412 activated carbon: High-quality carbon for higher absorption and long service. Hook design, easy to hang
  • Reversible flange and base: The heavy-duty aluminum flange and bottom can be removed to reverse the charcoal canister, allowing the filter body to be flipped upside-down for reversible smell filtration and an extended service life
  • Versatile applications: Item can be used as intake or exhaust filter in a variety of setups including use with inline fan and duct fans, intake and exhaust fans, air exchange fans, ventilation ducts, and other accessories
  • Package Includes: 8 inch x 20 inch air carbon filter; 1 free pre-filter. We recommend replace the pre-filter every 6 months to protect your filter

Additional Info :

Color Prefilter Included, Black
Item Dimensions
Height 21.5
Width 12.5
Length 12.5

10. iPower 8 Inch Replacement Prefilter for 8″ Air Carbon Filter

Features :

  • Regular replacement: Replace prefilter every 6 months to keep your carbon filter work properly
  • Size: Diameter 12 inch* Length 17.7 inch. Come in a sealed package
  • Material: Polyester. Breathable fabric allows complete air passthrough for proper air filtration and odor control. Soft and heavy duty
  • Function: Designed to extend carbon filter lifespan by protecting its charcoal bed from hair, dust, lint, pollen and other debris
  • Compatibility: Fit for iPower 8 inch carbon filter. A replica of the pre-filter that came with carbon filter original purchase

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 4
Length 4

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