Top 10 Best Electric Breastfeeding Pumps Picks For 2022

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Best electric breastfeeding pumps : Top 10 Picks For 2022

1. IKARE Wearable Double Breast Pump Hands Free, Pain Free Portable Electric Breastfeeding Pump with 3 Mode & 10 Levels, Rechargeable Milk Pump for Travel & Home, 24mm/28mm Flange, Super Quiet.

Features :

  • 【HANDS-FREE BREAST PUMP & 3 MODES 10 LEVELS】IKARE’s design philosophy is : Breast pump must be safe, comfort, powerful suction and ease of use. IKARE hands-free breast pump is ideal choice for mom. 3 Preset Modes and each has 10 suctions for choice for the most comfortable setting. BP-5030 is one of the breast pumps with the most suction models on the market.
  • 【BEST BUDGET BREAST PUMP & FOOD GRADE SILICA GEL】IKARE breast pump contain one large-capacity milk storage cups of 240ml, come with 24/28mm flange sizes. accessories are made of soft food-grade silicone, pain-free and BPA-free, they are easy to removable and clean, At the same time maintain a good seal to achieve the best suction. This is a very price-effective handfree pump.
  • 【STRONG SUCTION & SUPER QUIET】IKARE wearable electric breast pumps design with strong suction (60-300 mmHg) can achieve high efficient suckling, express more milk in less time. Innovative pumping technology can keep the working noise of IKARE electric breast pump below 35 db, just like mom’s whisper, and will not disturb a sleeping baby.
  • 【ANTI-SPILL MILK DESIGN】IKARE wearable electric breast pump adopted intelligent anti-spill milk design, silicone protection valve helps prevent milk leakage and protect mothers and babies from dirt and some pads are included, which keeps milk completely separate from the pump pieces. No need to worry about leakage and protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh.
  • 【RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE】The iKARE pump in style has a built-in rechargeable battery, which is convenient for you to pump anytime, anywhere, compact, light, and portable breast pump, easy to carry wherever you go. Ideal for daily pumping on the go.

Additional Info :

2. MyMom Wearable Breast Pump, Portable Hands Free Breast Pumps, Long Battery Life Fast Rechargeable, Fewer Parts Need to Clean, Silent and Painless Breastfeeding Breast Pump Electric Breast Pump

Features :

  • 【Double Hands-free Breast Pump】MyMom Our double breast pump is lightweight,easy-to-grip and no tube.Wearable breast pump is very convenient,you can pump anywhere and at anytime,enjoy the free time of breastfeeding.And the electric breast pump can USB rechargeable.A full charge can be used for 3-5 times,can hold up to 180ml / 6oz,very convenient to carry even working or go traveling.
  • 【Smart Adjustable Breast Pump Suction】The portable breast pump hands free has 2 modes and 9 levels of adjustment. Massage mode (levels 1-9) – multi-frequency vibration massage helps mothers to solve breast swelling, soften nipples, unclog breasts, and promote breast milk secretion; Pumping mode (levels 1-9) – imitate the baby’s real sucking and improve breastfeeding efficiency . With LCD screen and memory function, 30 minutes timer off.
  • 【Food Grade Silica Gel & Anti-backflow Design】Breast pump electric is made of soft silicone,very safe for human body.Detachable accessories and easy to clean.The anti-reverse flow design prevents the breast milk from being contaminated.Wearable electric breastpump uses a closed system,which keeps milk completely separate from the pump pieces.No need to worry about leakage and protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh.
  • 【Easy to Clean & Super Quiet Breast Pumps Electric】MyMom breast pumps’each component can be flexibly assembled and disassembled.Except for the electrical parts,all other removable parts are easy to clean.Its sound is lower than 40dB,so the baby will not be disturbed when sucking and sleep well.
  • 【Perfect Breast Pump Set】Our breast pump kit included 1×Packing Box,2×Breast Pump,2×Valve,2×Silicone Diaphragm,2×Type-C Cable,1×Manualand 2×Bra Adjustment Buckle.24mm flange breast pumps is suitable for most breast sizes.The adjustable buckle of the bra makes it easy to put it in a breast pump hands free.

Additional Info :

Color White-double

3. Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump Hospital Grade Breastfeeding Pump with 2 Modes & 9 Levels, BPA Free, Portable Rechargeable Milk Pump

Features :

  • 【HOSPITAL GRADE PUMP】All parts are made from food-grade PP materials, BPA-free, nontoxic and no smell, safe and healthy to babies. Scientific anti-backflow design can avoid pollution and motor damage caused by milk backflow. Except for the electrical parts, the rest can be disassembled for high-temperature disinfection and dishwasher-cleaned.
  • 【PORTABLE & RECHARGEABLE】This lightweight and portable breast pump, built in large capacity durable lithium battery and USB cable. You can use or recharge the breast pump anywhere through power bank, laptop, car charger and adapter. Wireless sucking is realized in office, meeting or travel, which is convenient for nursing mothers to carry. Making moms worry-free.
  • 【SUPER QUIET】Ultra-quiet design, makes the noise less than 40 dB during the breast pumping, just like quiet indoor whisper, creates a peaceful sleeping environment for your baby, and won’t disturb your family or colleges.
  • 【EASY TO OPERATE】You can personalize your pumping session with multiple combinations of speed and suction, convenient and rapid. The high definition screen of breastfeeding pump helps moms see the modes, suction levels and power clearly. Moreover the mechanical switches also prevent accidental touches resulting in shutdown and misoperation, hassle free.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.1
Width 7.3
Length 7.7

4. Hands Free Breast Pump – Wearable Breast Pump Electric,Portable Breast Milk Extractor & Collector, Silicone Breastfeeding Pumps,2 Modes 5 Adjustable Levels Rechargable Wireless Milk Pump for New Mom

Features :

  • 【Food Grade Silicone】 — The wearable breast pump accessories are made of soft food grade silicone, making it safe for your baby to use, it’s also easy to remove and clean, while maintaining a good seal for optimal suction.
  • 【180ML Capacity】– The electric breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, and the container is marked with a scale line. The recommended optimal amount of milk to express is 120ml. The portable breast pump sucks every drop of breast milk to help it flow smoothly.
  • 【Quiet & Efficient Pumping】– The portable breast pump is very easy to use, with 2 modes, 5 levels of suction. When using, the sound is less than 55 decibels, which will not disturb the baby’s sound sleep. This small breast pump makes every pump efficient and produces more milk. It can be milked without any pain and discomfort.
  • 【USB Rechargeable and Memory Function】 – Our breast pump has a battery capacity of 1200mAh, the portable breast pump allows mothers to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. After being fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes / 4-6 times, and the breast pump has a memory function, it will return to the last working mode every time turned on, helping mothers to express breast milk comfortably.
  • 【Perfect Gift】 — This electric breast pump is the perfect gift for a new mom. At the same, if you find any breast pump kit defective or have any other problem, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

Additional Info :

5. Wearable Breast Pump, LCD Hands-Free Pump, 3 Mode & 9 Levels Adjustable for Comfortable Pumping, Low Noise & Painless Electric Breastfeeding Pump, 24mm Flange (1)

Features :

  • Wearable Breast Pump Portable📳 – Kidzio electric breast pump has 3 modes and 9 levels. Suggestions for mode selection: massage first and then pump, imitating the baby’s feeding mode to optimize milk production. Ensure that each mother produces more milk in a shorter time, and give new mothers more choices and comfort.
  • BATTERY POWERED 🔋 : Kidzio breast pumps allows it to run for up to 8 times without needing to be charged. It can be charged using power banks, computers, or a car adapter. You can go worry free about the usage of product when out of home or suffering a power out.
  • FOOD GRADE, NON BPA 🎣 : Kidzio electric breast pumps for women is made with food grade silicone. Each component can easily be disassembled and assembled. Other than the electrical parts, all removable parts can also be assembled and disassembled in a dishwasher.
  • Low Noise🚫 – Innovative pumping technology, the sound is less than 55 dB when used, and will not disturb a sleeping baby. Compared with the touch screen, the physical buttons have a longer service life and are less likely to be damaged. The built-in bra adjustment buckle helps to improve Wear your breast pump well.
  • Kidzio Wearable Breast Pump 🤚- silicone valve helps no milk leakage. The Kidzio breast pump has a capacity of 240ml, and the container is marked with a tick mark. The recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 160 ml. Portable breast pump suck every drop of breast milk. Measure correctly and choose the right flange size to help breast milk flow out smoothly.

Additional Info :

Color White

6. Double Wearable Breast Pump, HOFISH Electric Breast Pump, Hands-Free Breast Pumps with 3 Modes & 9 Levels, Electric Breastfeeding Pump 24/28 MM Flange

Features :

  • WORKING HOURS:HOFISH hands free breast pump comes with 1800mAh lithium battery allowing it to run for up to 60 minutes without needing to be recharged. It can be charged using power banks, computers, or a car adapter. NOTE: AC adapter is NOT included
  • Portable & WEARABLE: HOFISH portable breast pump offers a hands free pumping experience.It can be wear inside a puming bra and breast pump unit is compact & light which can easily fits into your pump ,bag It is possible to pump at home, at work or on-the-go
  • MODES & LEVELS:HOFISH electric breast pump comes with 3 modes & 9 levels. Massage mode is the default setting to get your breasts ready for the first let down.The suction mode or expression mode sets for a stronger and lower suction.It is suggested to use this mode after your letdown.The milk collection mode combines massage mode and suction mode.It is suggested to switch to this mode if you wish to stimulate second or third letdowns in a quick manner
  • FEATURES:Compact, easy to hold, and light weighted, the 8009D breast pump has a modern design and an easy to use digital display.It comes with two 240 ml milk container.Easy cleaning and assembly.Large milk collector(240ML) allows you to get more milk at one time.No leakage design so that there wil be no issue with milk spill or leakage.Compact & light design for the portability
  • PACKING LISTS:A electric pump unit|2 Milk Collectors(240 ML,28MM Flange,24MM Flange)|Cap|Tubing|Ac adapter is NOT INCLUDED

Additional Info :

Color 8009d
Item Dimensions
Height 1.41
Width 2.44
Length 6.13

7. Electric Double Breast Pump, Breastfeeding Pump with 2 Modes & 10 Levels,Ultra-Quiet Rechargeable Milk Pump for Travel&Home

Features :

  • ⭐【Safe & Hygiene】All parts are made from food grade silicone and no contain harmful substances. Each component can be flexibly assembled and disassembled. Except for the electrical parts, all other removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • ⭐【Portable & Rechargeable】Compact and lightweight design is convenient to carry. Large capacity built-in lithium battery makes you worry-free.
  • ⭐【Super Quiet & LCD Touch Screen】LCD Blue-Ray digital display allows you to see the screen clearly at night. And the motor works at low noise which won’t bother your family.
  • ⭐【3D Soft Silicone Massage Cushion】Soft breast cushion massages the areola, and provide a secure seal and snug fit to solve leaking milk.
  • ⭐【High Efficient】Three modes(Massage, Suction, Bionic), You can adjust the frequency freely, bid farewell to breast pain.

Additional Info :

Color Pink

8. Lansinoh Smartpump2.0 Double Electric Breastpump for Breastfeeding Moms

Features :

  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE – The Lansinoh Smartpump2.0 has 8 suction levels and 3 different pumping styles
  • ULTRA QUIET – This breastpump is discreet and comfortable, as quiet as a whisper
  • HOSPITAL STRENGTH – Each Lansinoh breast pump has strong suction for efficient pumping sessions
  • MEMORY ENABLED – Our electric breast pumps conveniently remember your previous settings
  • COMFORTABLE RIMS – ComfortFit flanges are soft against sensitive skin while forming a tight seal

Additional Info :

Color Purple
Item Dimensions
Height 7.75
Width 9.75
Length 11
Weight 1
Release Date 2019-12-13T00:00:01Z

9. Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps Pain Free Strong Suction Power Touch Panel High Definition Display,Come with 24mm Flanges

Features :

  • 🎄 Come with 2 pcs of milk bag adapters and 10 pcs of storage bag,moms can express to the milk storage bags directly by the adapters.BPA and Phthalates Free
  • 🎄 Closed System,4 modes and 9 levels of suction for choice,massage and stimulate breasts before pumping,comfortable and pain free.
  • 🎄 High Definition Screen,display the working mode,suction level,time and battery status clearly
  • 🎄 Sensitive touch panel,click by one finger to operate,easy and convenient.
  • 🎄 Lightweight and portable,2200mAh Li-ion battery built-in,good for travel and on the go.

Additional Info :

Color Blue
Item Dimensions
Height 4.13
Width 10.24
Length 14.02
Weight 0.00220462262

10. Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump – Hands-Free Breast Pump with 2 Mode & 5 Levels, Portable Electric Wearable Breast Pump, Painless Breastfeeding Breastpump Can Be Worn in-Bra, 24mm Gray

Features :

  • Efficient Breast Pumping – Momcozy electric breast pump has 2 modes & 5 levels. Suggestions for mode selection: massage first and then pump, imitating the baby’s feeding mode to optimize milk production. Ensure that each mother produces more milk in a shorter time, and give moms more choices and comfort.
  • Food-grade Silicone – Momcozy breast pump accessories are made of soft food-grade silicone, they are easy to removable and clean while maintaining a good seal to achieve the best suction. Max suction value range: 280~300mmHg.
  • Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump – silicone valve helps no milk leakage. The Momcozy breast pump has a capacity of 180ml, and the container is marked with a tick mark. The recommended optimal breast pumping volume is 120 ml. Portable breast pump Suck every drop of breast milk. Measure correctly and choose the right flange size to help breast milk flow out smoothly.
  • Low Noise – Innovative pumping technology, the sound is less than 55 dB when used, and will not disturb a sleeping baby. Compared with the touch screen, the physical buttons have a longer service life and are less likely to be damaged. The built-in bra adjustment buckle helps to improve Wear your breast pump well.
  • Function Upgrade – Momcozy breast pump battery capacity is increased to 1200mAh, and the compact & portable pump allows moms to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. After fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes/4-6 times, and the automatic shutdown function every 20 minutes helps moms to suction comfortably milk.

Additional Info :

Color Gray

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Select: electric breastfeeding pumps


Are you stressed out by finding the perfect electric breastfeeding pumps? When considering the purchase of electric breastfeeding pumps in general, have you ever felt uncertain about what model to select?

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Ratings Below Zero:

We consider that as well! Our top rated electric breastfeeding pumps list excludes products that received mostly negative reviews.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. What are the benefits of this type of electric breastfeeding pumps?

The size of electric breastfeeding pumps is drastically different, so it needs to be known what fits comfortably on. If you’re looking for a company that can provide quality support. If you decide not to use one, you will not be penalized.

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