Top 10 Best Hydrometer For Saltwater Tank Picks For 2022

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Best hydrometer for saltwater tank : Top 10 Picks For 2022

1. Aquariums Salinity Refractometer for Seawater Marine Fish-Keeping, Dual Scales Specific Gravity Salinity Meter Hydrometer 0-100ppt & 1.000-1.070, Saltwater Tester with ATC Function

Features :

  • Measures on 2 Scales: Aquariums refractometer features Specific Gravity (D 20/20) 1.000-1.070sg and parts per thousand 0-100PPT (1‰=1ppt=1000ppm)
  • Seawater refractometer measures saltwater or salinity of water, ideal for aquarium, marine monitoring, fish-keeping,salty pools&spas and etc.
  • ATC Function: salty water refractometer with automatic temperature compensation, allow you obtain accurate readings easier and faster
  • Salinity Refractometer is made of aluminum body and ABS rubber light and very sturdy, comes with a hard plastic case, a mini screwdriver, a dropper
  • Easy to Use: put 2-3 drops on the saltwater’s prism, towards light then to get the accurate readings through the optic eyepiece, ideal for replacement the poor quality and difficult to read hydrometer refractometer

2. Dr. Marine Glass Saltwater Hydrometer Thermometer Reef Soft Coral

Features :

  • Ensures proper gravity of aquarium water. Easy to use.
  • Ensures all water has the same salinity within aquarium
  • Green indicators are ideal range of water temperature and specific gravity for most salt water / marine aquariums.
  • Measure both Temperature and Specific Gravity of the water.
  • SIZE:19.2CM(7.5″). Glass Hydrometer; Measures Celsius and Fahrenheit

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.8
Width 0.8
Length 8.1
Weight 0.06

3. Abnaok Salinity Tester, Sea Specific Gravity Test for Fish Tank Pond Water Saltwater Freshwater, Accurate Automatic Hydrometer

Features :

  • Safe Material:Made of plastic,aquarium clear Automatic Accurate Readable SaltWater Hydrometer.
  • Durable Clear Acrylic:Accurate, durable, and easy to read your marine aquarium’s salt level and specific gravity,Small and waterproof.if the specific gravity between 1.000 – 1.019,show that the specific gravity is small;if the specific gravity between 1.020 – 1.023,show that the specific gravity is nomal;if the specific gravity between 1.024 – 1.030,show that the specific gravity is big;
  • Clearly Safe Zone Indicated:Includes solinity and specific grovity scales.The outside rang of scale indicates salinity(PPT).The inside range of scale indicates gravity.And with safe zone clearly indicated.Range of use: 0-40 degrees (1.000-1.030).If the salinity ppt between 32 – 40,show that the salinity hydrometer is high;If the salinity ppt between 27 – 31,show that the salinity hydrometer is normal; If the salinity ppt between 0 – 26,show that the salinity hydrometer is light.
  • Wide Usage:Fit for brackish and marine aquariums.Perfect for testing both salinity and specific gravity of your brackish and marine tank.Includes solinity and specific grovity scales.Suitable for fresh water and sea water.
  • Easy to Read and Use:The easy-to-read swing-arm pointer and extra wide stable base provide an accurate test result.

4. GLOGLOW Accurate Hydrometer Salinity Meter, Seawater Hydrometer Accurate Automatic Hydrometer Salt Water Salinity Meter for Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Sea Saltwater

Features :

  • Accurate Automatic Hydrometer — This product is designed with an automatic level function, can automatically identify the level to avoid errors.
  • Accurate Sea Hydrometer — Very accurate measurement readings, please rest assured to purchase. Suitable for fresh water and sea water
  • Wide Range Of Applications — Suitable for salt water and sea water fish tanks. Perfect for testing salinity and specific gravity of saltwater and seawater tanks, including solubility and specific gravity scales.
  • Accurate Reading Brine — Automatic accurate reading brine hydrometer, durable, and easy to read sea water hydrometer.
  • Premium Quality — Accurate, durable and easy to read. And each hydrometer has a laser engraved patent number.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.787401574
Width 3.543307083
Length 5.511811018

5. MY MIRONEY 2-Pack Salinity Tester Sea Hydrometer Salinity Meter Specific Gravity Test for Aquarium Fish Tank Water Marine Saltwater

Features :

  • If the specific gravity between 1.020-1.023,show that the specific gravity is nomal.
  • Designed with an automatic level function,can automatically identify the level to avoid errors.
  • The easy-to-read swing-arm pointer and extra wide stable base provide an accurate test result.
  • Fit for brackish and marine aquariums. Perfect for testing both salinity and specific gravity of your brackish and marine tank.
  • The outside rang of scale indicates salinity(PPT). The inside range of scale indicates gravity. And with safe zone clearly indicated.

6. KOOBOOK 1 Pcs Accurate Hydrometer Salinity Meter 1.000-1.027 Salinity Range 0-36 for Aquarium Fish Tank Marine Sea Saltwater

Features :

  • Made of high quality plastic, Withstand voltage,high transparency.
  • Special for culture of marine fish, the specific gravity and salinity of seawater are displayed once, easy to use and easy to read.
  • Keeping your hands clean,go underwater 15 cm (6 inch) depth to avoid errors caused by inhalation of oil film on the top of water.
  • When the water reaches full state (with the top of the baffle level), filed a hydrometer, this product can be hand or hang in the cylinder, automatic level function, can automatically find out the level to avoid the error.
  • Proper salinity level is one of the most important factors in the health of the fish.Readable and accuracy can up to ± 0.002 gravity unit.

7. capetsma Salinity Tester, Accurate Sea Hydrometer Aquarium Marine Salinity Meter for Fish Tank Pond Water Saltwater Freshwater Specific Gravity Test

Features :

  • 🐠 Safe Material & Unique Design: Made of durable Acrylic, this Fish Tank Test Kit salinity Hydrometer is designed with an automatic level function.
  • 🐠 Quickly, easily, and accurately measurement: With this hydrometer saltwater aquarium test kit, you can test your marine aquarium’s salt level and specific gravity, and It is optimum to be put into below 6″ deep water to avoid the error caused by the oil film on the water.
  • 🐠 Higher Accuracy & safe zone indicated: Readings are temperature-corrected & accurate to +/- 0. 001. specific gravity units ranges from 1. 000 – 1. 030 with a safe zone of 1.020-1.023. The outside range of scale indicates salinity ppt, ranges from 0-40, safe zone is 27-31.
  • 🐠Easy to Read & Clean: The easy-to-read swing-arm pointer and extra wide stable base provide an accurate test result. After use, soak this saltwater meter in mild acid(vinegar) for 30 minutes, rinse with tap water and air dry. Do not disassemble.
  • 🐠 Wide Usage:Fit for brackish and reef salt marine aquariums. Perfect for testing both salinity and specific gravity of your brackish and marine tank.Includes salinity and specific gravity scales.Suitable for fresh water and sea water.

8. QIANJINL Salinity Meter Aquarium Hydrometers Salinity Tester Hydrometer Saltwater Aquarium Pool Fish Tank Water Tester Sea Water Salinity Specific Gravity Test(Rectangle)

Features :

  • ▶Material: The salinity tester is made of plastic, transparent, robust and durable structure.
  • ▶Simple to use:Keep your hands clean, insert the hydrometer into the water tank or fish pond 15 cm (6 inches) below, avoid air bubbles adhering to the hydrometer during the test.
  • ▶Precision:Accuracy can reach + (-) 0.002 specific gravity units, the highest accuracy is when the water temperature is 18-28 degrees.
  • ▶Safety zone indication: read the specific gravity according to the inner scale, and read the salinity (PPT) according to the outer scale. The safe and healthy proportion of seawater is between 1.020-1.023(ppt value: 27-31 degrees).
  • ▶Wide Usage:The aquarium hydrometers suitable for measuring salinity in aquariums, fish tank, ponds, pool,etc,can be used for the salinity test of fresh water and sea water.

Additional Info :

Color Rectangle

9. Aquarium Equip UP Glass Saltwater Hydrometer – Reef Soft Coral Salinity Marine Fish Shrimp sea

Features :

  • 1. Easy to use 2. Green indicators are ideal range of water temperature and specific gravity for most salt water / marine aquariums 3. Hydrometer measures specific gravity 4. Need it for raising brine shrimp

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6.2
Width 0.8
Length 0.8
Weight 0.01875

10. AUTOUTLET Refractometer Saltwater Aquarium for Seawater,Pool,Tank,Testing,Marine Fishkeeping, 0-100PPT & 1.000-1.070 Salinity Tester with ATC Function Hydrometer Specific Gravity Salinity Meter Kit

Features :

  • 【AUTOUTLET Salinity Refractometer】This salinity tester is used to measure salinity of brine/seawater, monitor and control the concentration of saltwater. Ideal for aquariums and marine applications.
  • 【Measures on 2 Scales】This saltwater hydrometer measures on dual scales: specific gravity and salinity. Ideal for aquariums, marine monitoring, agriculture, gardening and educational purposes.
  • 【Measurement Range】Density of 1.0-1.070 with min scale of 0.001. Concentration of 0-100‰, with min scale of 1‰ (1‰=1PPT=1000PPM, PPT means “parts per thousand”, PPM means “parts per million”)
  • 【With ATC Function】ATC compensation Range (i.e. Built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation System) from 10℃ to 30℃.
  • 【Solid and Lightweight】Salinity meter is made of durable aluminum, which is non-staining, non-corrosive and rustless. Also, it’s compact in size with rubberized grip handle, very easy to carry.

Additional Info :

Color Silvery
Item Dimensions
Height 2.362204722
Width 3.543307083
Length 7.87401574
Weight 0.53

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The great hydrometer for saltwater tank brands are distinguished from the competition by their unique features. We hope that one of our products meets your requirements, therefore.


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