Top 10 Best Rc Power Supply Picks For 2022

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Best rc power supply : Top 10 Picks For 2022

1. 9V AC Power Supply Adapter for Boss PSA-120S Guitar Distortion Effects Pedal DS-1 RC-1 RC-3 TU-2 TU-3 SD-1 RV-5 RV-6 DD-3 DD-7 DD-20 ME-50 ME-80 GT-10 HM-2 GT-1B Charger Cable Cord (6.6 ft)

Features :

  • Compatibility: Boss DS-1 DS-2; RC-1 RC-2 RC-3 RC-30 RC-300 RC-50 RC-505; TU-2 TU-3 TU-3W TU-3S; SD-1; RV-5 RV-500 RV-6; DD-3 DD-7 DD-20 DD-500; VE-5 VE-8 VE-20; ME-25 ME-50 ME-70 ME-80; GT-1 GT-1B GT-10 GT-100 GT-1000; HM-2; ODB-2; VO-1; TE-2; MS-3; AD-2 AD-10;BB-1X; BC-1X; BD-2 BD-2W; CP-1X; OC-3; DR-880; ES-3; NS-2; CE-2 CE-2W; DB-90; DM-2W; MD-500; JB-2 Guitar Pedal and More.
  • Compatibility: Boss PSA Series Power Adapter PSA-100 PSA-100S PSA-120 PSA-120S PSA-120S2 PSA-120T PSA-220S PSA-230 PSA-230S PSA-240.
  • Power Specifications: Input:100-240V 50-60Hz; Output:9V 1A (1000mA) DC Plug: Center Negative. Cable Cord Long:6.6 feet.
  • High Quality & Safety Guarantee: This adapters was made with the highest quality materials. V-0 grade flame retardant,OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection)
  • (Please confirm the specification and plug size and suitability before purchase!)Please reference full list of compatible models in the product description.

Additional Info :

Color black

2. PWR+ Power Adapter Compatible with Boss PSA-120S Tuner Pedal MC-202 SH-101 SP-202 TR-626 Jim Dunlop ECB003US Boss ME-25 ME-50 DS-1 DD-20 GT-10 HM-2 RC-3 RC-30 RV-5 RV-6 TU-3 VE-20 66/88 UL Listed

Features :

  • FEATURES / POWER SPECS : Only Pwr+ Chargers Have Extra Long 6.5 Ft Power AC/DC cords / Output: 9V 2A (0.5A-1A Compatible) / Center Tip Negative (-) / Input: 100-240V / OEM Original Genuine Charger AC Adapter Power Cord Replacement by PWR+ / Made in Taiwan
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: Boss ME-25, ME-50, DS-1, DD-20, GT-10, HM-2, RC-3, RC-30, RV-5, RV-6, TU-3, VE-20, SD-1 Pedal, HKA00509005-2P PSA-120S 9V Jim Dunlop MXR M101 Phase 90, MXR M133 Micro Amp, MXR M103 Blue Box Octave Fuzz, MXR M102 Dyna Comp Compresor, MXR M234 Analog Chorus, 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah, MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion, MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay, GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effects Pedal ECB003 ECB003US AC Adapter
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: DanElectro Honeytone N-10, D-5 Fab Chorus, D-8 Fab 600Ms Delay, D-1 Fab Distortion, DJ-13 French Toast Octave Distortion Mini Effects Pedal; NuX HG-6 High Gain Distortion, NuX HG5 Modern High Gain, NuX AS-4 Amplifier Simulator P/N: ACD-008A ACD-007A ACD-006A Guitar Effects Pedal; TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2 X4 Guitar Pedal P/N: ADS-12B-12; Chromatic Pedal Tuner P/N: PW-CT-9V; Zoom 505 1010 B3 G1on G1Xon G2 G3 G3X G5 G5n H4 MS-50G MS-70CDR P/N: AD-16 Guitar Multi Effects pedal
  • SAFETY / UL LISTED: Tested, Approved and Certified by UL. UL number is unique. UL testing is authorized by OSHA – US Federal Agency
  • WARRANTY: 30 Days Refund – 24 Months Exchange. We are friendly Customer Support Experts

3. MaxLLTo™ 6ft 9V AC DC Power Adaptor for Roland Boss RC-3 Loop Station Wall Charger Supply Cord

Features :

  • 6ft 9V AC DC Power Adaptor For Roland Boss RC-3 Loop Station Wall Charger Supply Cord
  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz Output: 9V
  • 100V-240V switching input adapter, US standard Plug;
  • Great for replacemnt or backup.Short circuit Protection
  • Package Includes: 1 x 6ft Power Adaptor

4. for Boss PSA Guitar Effects Pedal 9V Power Supply Replacement PSA-120S Adapter Compatible Boss ME-80 RC-30 RC-505 VE-20 RC-1 GT-1 GT-10 GT-100 DS-1 SY-200 Power Cable 10FT

Features :

  • [Power parameters] Input: 100-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, Output: 9V, connector negative(-) center.
  • [Technical features] IBERLS’ professional technology and special design make you keep away from noise, and the materials ensure that the adapter is kept in low temperature to charge safely.
  • [Widely compatible] This adapter works with Boss DS-1, RC-1, RC-3, TU-3, SD-1, RV-5, RV-6, DD-3, DD-7, DD-20, VE-20, ME-50, ME-80, GT-10, HM-2, etc guitar pedal, replacement for Boss PSA-120S PSA-100 PSA-120 PSA-120T PSA-100S PSA-220S PSA-230 power supply. Also for Casio Piano Keyboard series. Note: NOT compatible with Casio CTK-5000. Please reference full list of compatible models in the product description.
  • [Compatibility with] Compatible with Boss, DigiTech, Jim Dunlop, Vox Stomplab, MXR, Nobels, JOYO, KLIQ, Korg, Wah pedals, Zoom, Behringer devices; Also works with Danelectro Electric GuitaMini Amplifier and negative tip keyboards.
  • [Flexibility] Extra long 10 ft power cable gives you the flexibility you need for greater convenience.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.393700787
Width 0.393700787
Length 0.393700787

5. Boss PSA Adapter 9V DC – Guitar Pedal Power Supply for Boss PSA PSA-120S PSA120S PSA-120S2 ME-50 ME-80 DS-1 GT-1B GT-10 RC-300 RC-30 RC-3 TU-2 TU-3 9V DC Distortion Looper Effects Adaptor Charger

Features :

  • Power Specs: Boss pedal power supply by Lavolta – AC 110-240 V to DC 9V, connector negative(-) center
  • Features: reliable and rapid charging with Lavolta RapidPower technology – CE, ROHS, FCC certified
  • Warranty: 30-day money back guarantee and 24-month warranty from Lavolta
  • Compatibility: Boss psa adapter for ME-80 ME-70 ME-50 ME-25; DS-1 DS-2; RC-1 RC-2 RC-3 RC-30 RC-50 RC-300 RC-505; GT-1 GT-1B GT-10 GT-100 GT-1000; ODB-2; VE-5 VE-8 VE-20; VO-1; TE-2; DD-3 DD-7 DD-20 DD-500; TU-2 TU-3 TU-3W TU-3S; RV-5 RV-6 RV-500; HM-2; MS-3; AD-2 AD-10;BB-1X; BC-1X; BD-2 BD-2W; CP-1X; OC-3; DR-880; ES-3; NS-2; SD-1; CE-2 CE-2W; DB-90; DM-2W; MD-500; JB-2
  • Part Number: direct replacement for Boss PSA Series power adaptor PSA-120 PSA-120S PSA-120S2 PSA-120T PSA-230S PSA-240

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.35

6. T POWER Ac Adapter Compatible for 9vdc Boss RC-20 RC-20XL Phrase Recorder Loop Station,Roland Boss DD-2 DD3 DD-5 DD-6 DD-7 DD20 PSA-120S 120T Archer Cat. No. 273-1656 Charger Power Supply

Features :

  • T-Power ( TM ) Made with the highest quality Brand-new Input Voltage Range: AC 100V – 240V, High-Quality Cable! This adapter has 60 days limited warranty
  • Compatible with FOR ONLY : Boss 9VDC ( 2.1mm x 5.5mm )((( INNER CENTER NEGATIVE ))) RC-20 RC-20XL Phrase Recorder Loop Station / Roland Boss DD-2 DD3 DD-5 DD-6 DD-7 DD20 / PSA-120S 120T / Archer Cat. No. 273-1656 / Boss ME-33 Guitar Multiple Nano/Boss/lb Electro-Harmonix US96DC-200BI / US9.6DC-200BI / EHX9.6DC-200 Guitar Effects pedals // Boss p/n: PSA100 PSA120 PSA230 PSA240 Boss DS-1-4A DS1 , DS-1 DS-2 , DB-90 DB90 , TU-3
  • GP-20, GT-10, HC-2, HF-2, HM-2, HM-3, HR-2, JS-8, LM-2, LM-2B, LMB-3, LS-2, MC-202, MD-2, ME-20, ME-20B, ME-25, ME-30, ME-33, ME-50, ME-50B, ME-70, ME-80, ML-2, MPD-4, MT-2, MX-5, MZ-2, NS-2, OC-2, OC-3, OD-2, OD-20, OD-2R, OD-3, ODB-3, OS-2, PC-2, PD-1, PH-2, PH-3,
  • PN-2, PQ-3B, PQ-4, PS-2, PS-3, PS-5, PS-6, PSM-5, PV-1, PW-1, PW-10, PW-2, RBF-10, RC-1, RC-2, RC-20, RC20-XL, RC-20XL, RC-3, RC-30, RC-50, RCE-10, RCL-10, RDD-10, RDD-20, RE-20, RGE-10, ROD-10, RPD-10, RPH-10, RPQ-10, RPS-10, RPW-7, RRV-10, RSD-10, RT-20, RV-2, RV-3, RV-5, RV-6, SD-1, SD-2, SL-20, SP-202, SP-303, SP-404, ST-2, SYB-3, SYB-5, TR-2, TS9, TU-10, TU-1000, TU-12, TU-12BW, TU-12EX, TU-15, TU-2, TU-3, TU-80, TU-88, VE-20, XT-2 Multi-Effect Pedal Loop Station
  • (((NOTE: Please DOUBLE CHECK the model number is matched, before placing the order. If not sure, feel free to email us. Many thanks.)))

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 1
Length 3
Weight 0

7. 85 Amp RC Power Supply

Features :

  • RC Power Supply rated at 12 volts, 85 amps and 1025 watts of DC power
  • Each unit is wrapped in black carbon fiber vinyl
  • Each unit includes 3 pair of 4mm female bullet connectors
  • Each unit comes standard with a protective 3d printed cover to protect the included 3 pair of 4mm female bullets
  • These are small, compact size measuring 1.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches and 3 lbs.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 3

8. Accessory USA AC DC Adapter DC 11V-18V for Imax B5 B6 Balancer Charger LED CCD CCTV Light Strip Lipo NiMh Li-ion Ni-Cd RC Battery Balance Digital Charger Discharger Power Supply Cord

Features :

  • Safety: Our Products are CE / FCC / RoHS certified, tested by the manufacturer to match and / or exceed the OEM specifications. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection)
  • This Adapter is a Brand New, High Quality Never USED (non-OEM)
  • Compatibility: AC DC Adapter DC 11V-18V for Imax B5 B6 Balancer Charger LED CCD CCTV Light Strip Lipo NiMh Li-ion Ni-Cd RC Battery Balance Digital Char
  • Note:please make sure the model of your device before buying

9. 85 Amp RC Power Supply with a USB Port

Features :

  • 12 volts, 85 amps and 1025 watts of DC power with a 5v-3A USB port.
  • 3 pair of 4mm female bullet connectors.
  • Small, compact size measuring 1.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches and 3lbs.
  • 1 6ft. power cord is included.
  • 100V -240V A/C input

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Weight 3

10. 2 Pack ShareGoo 3A 5V DC-DC Converter Step Down UBEC Module for RC Quadcopter Plane FPV Holder Camera Servo Power Supply

Features :

  • Input: 5.5V-26V (2-6 cells Li-Po battery pack),Output Voltage: 5V / 3A.
  • Special for RC Air Plane FPV image transmission.
  • All epoxy sealed containers with waterproof housing; non-isolated.
  • With overload / over-current / over / low voltage protection, stable performance.
  • Light compact,convenient to use and transport;auto recovery.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.39
Width 1.61
Length 2.4

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